ARA Introduces Newly Appointed Director of Policy & Planning

Sayed Zabiullah Naimi was officially introduced as the Director of Policy and Planning of the Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA) by Technical Deputy of ARA to the employees of the aforementioned office, Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018.

Engr. Abdul Bari Siddiqi, Technical Deputy of ARA, congratulated the newly appointed Director of Policy & Planning, as he exclaimed that this is one of the vital Departments of ARA which should implement all the regulations based on short-term, midterm and long-term programs in various field such as: management, operation and maintenance, as well as attracting regional and international donors for advancement of ARA.

Sayed Zabiullah Naimi thanked ARA for their support and given opportunity as the Director of Policy and Planning and assured that he will not spare any attempt for the development of ARA and its personnel.

Sayed Zabiullah Naimi, having Master’s degree in Business Administration from Banglor University, India, has over eight years of relevant professional experiences from Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG).