Introducing HR Director of ARA

Shuaib Shuhrat, on Wednesday (Oct 10, 2018) was officially introduced as the Human Resource Director of the Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA) by the Leadership Board to the employees of the aforementioned office.

Muhammad Yamma Shams, Director General and CEO of ARA, congratulated the new HR Director, and added that ARA has a special focus on increasing the capacity of its staff, transparency in recruitment process, interviewing, and maintaining decent staffing, which should be priority development task of the HR department.

Mr. Shuhrat thanked ARA for their support and given opportunity as HR Director, and assured that he will be committed to the responsibilities given and would strive to do his duties competently and honestly.

Shuaib Shuhrat has Master degree in Business Administration from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, London, and has several years of professional experience as Senior Recruitment Specialist and Project Management Advisor.