Objectives of ARA

  • Establish coordination and partnership with other governmental institutions and international agencies.
  • Draft Afghanistan’s Railway law (Railway Act), and required regulatory framework including policies.
  • Prepare a procurement plan and financial development plan.
  • Design the organizational structure for ARA and its subsidiaries.
  • Prepare and manage the plan of capacity building.
  • Gain membership of international railway unions and authorities.
  • Develop human resources (HR), operational and various aspects of railway engineering and management manuals, guidelines, and handbooks in accordance with international and national norms.
  • Develop railway standards.

Goals of ARA

  • ARA owning the railway industry, regulating and licensing it and connecting Afghanistan to the neighbouring countries and the world markets.
  • Through Intermodal and Multi-Modal “economically sustainable/profitable” railways, to transit and transport mineral products, merchandised goods, and passengers.
  • Contribute to the improvement of security and development of the economy, create employment, and revive the historical prestige of the Silk Road.