Railway Design and Survey Specialist

Vacancy No: 
Post Title: Railway Design and Survey Specialist
Organization: Ministry of Public Works/Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA)
Reports to: Director General and CEO of ARA
Location:  Kabul, Afghanistan
Duration:  12 months – with possibility of extension
No of Posts:  One 
Nationality:  International
Closing Date: 05-Sep-2017
Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The over all objective of this assignment is to provide technical advice, management support and technical inputs required to the ARA railway design, studies and process in accordance with railway policy, standards and all other regulations to allow the Afghanistan Railway Authority to achieve significant developments; The Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA) was established in September 2012 and is in the process of developing the required capabilities to manage development and operation of National Afghanistan Railway System.

Afghanistan Railway Authority implements the Technical Assistance Capacity Building Program financed by EU, with the financial management of Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Scope of work
  • The Railway Design and Survey Specialist assist the ARA CEO and is responsible for technical support, design and maintenance of the Afghanistan Railway System.
  • Reviews projects and design reports, feasibility and prefeasibility studies for the expansion of the Afghanistan Railway Network
  • Assesses studies and reports submitted by contractors, subcontractors and donors.
  • Supervises large rail infrastructure projects.
  • The Design and Survey Specialist supports professional relationships to be maintained with all ARA staff members and facilitates the capacity building program.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provides advices and information required for the design and maintenance of the rail infrastructure by using surveying techniques, technical standards and design principles for the design, construction and maintenance of railway tracks and associated infrastructure.
  • Develops the appropriate systems for ensuring efficiency of maintenance systems and improves alignment systems
  • Reviews and works on the development of the railway strategy and plan with the objective of improving railway operations and staff capacity implementation
  • Designs and reviews traffic facilitation measures and railway safety programs
  • Designs& supplements detailed project report/concept reports and all design reports as available
  • Undertakes studies for adoption of common technical standards for railway and updates ARA systems and mechanisms according to COTIF rules and UIC & OSJD standards
  • Reviews the detailed design and construction plans
  • Assists in the preparation of TORs, RFPs, etc when deemed necessary
  • Advises on railway feasibility studies, planning & development and provides technical expertise needed on rail sector
  • Analysis railway engineering works and processes.
  • Advices railway engineering matters and determines the scope and implementation stages.
  • Develops conceptual level plans for the management of terminal and mainline operations
  • Advises on systems that are most suitable to the requirements for the Development of the Afghanistan National Railway System, taking into account the existing railway systems and adopting them effectively to the Afghan needs
  • Trains ARA staff in technical areas, designing and surveying systems.
  • Other duties as requested by CEO & Director General of ARA.
Skills, Experience Qualifications Required

The successful candidate should have the following skills, experience and qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in transport planning management, transport economics, transport/road/rail engineering or equivalent qualifications & BEng,
  • A Ph.D. in the relevant field would be an added advantage
  • Minimum of ten (10) years working experience in the management of infrastructure in similar or higher capacity
  • Proven knowledge of current systems of train control and management including signaling; telecommunications; and/or railway electrification system
  • Significant railway experience in railway construction projects; supervision, including signaling, control, electrification and telecommunications
  • Sound knowledge of network planning and management
  • Excellent experienced in the development and preparation of railway design criteria
  • Signaling systems design.
  • Strong time management and organizational skills with a proven ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Ability to work under pressure and within time constraints
  • Excellent communication and team-working skills
  • Demonstrated experience in capacity development programs
  • Good team worker, capable of working effectively in a very challenging environment
  • Previous experience in under-developed, insecure or post-conflict environments a plus
Submission Guideline:

Application should be completed online via CMS csrn.adb.org

Only short listed candidates whose background and experiences corresponds to the above criteria will be contacted for further consideration.