Afghanistan National Railway Plan


ANRP has three major parts:

  1. ANRP Corridors
  2. ANRP Railway Ports
  3. ANRP Multimodal Hubs

ANRP Corridor 1

Corridor 1 of ANRP chiefly connects the north–west and north-eastern parts. The proposed Five-Nations’ Railway Corridor aims at enhancing regional business relations and promoting regional stability, connecting China with Europe through the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran, traversing 2,000 km, of which 1,075 km is through Afghan provinces. The Internal Rates of Return on the proposed railway projects in Afghanistan and the region ranges between 14% and 25% or more, impacting trade and transit and ancillary and spin-off projects. The Afghan portion of the rail line will be partially funded by ADB, eventually enabling Afghanistan’s access to the seaports of Iran (Chabahar and Bandar Abbas).

ANRP Corridor 2

Corridor 2 is to provide rail connectivity between north-west and south-west up to southern Afghanistan. ARA is trying to commence work on this. ARA has operationalized two Railway Freight Corridors between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and partly with Iran. Technological planning is complete and investment based on various reports supported by ADB and national and international stakeholders is expected. Spin Boldak is a border town and the second major port of entry between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Chaman, on the eastern side has a railway station with daily services with Kandahar and other parts of Afghanistan. A slow passenger train runs between Chaman and Quetta. There have been proposals to extend the Chaman line to Afghanistan and possibly beyond, passing through Spin Boldak. In 2004, the Pakistan Railways did the feasibility study for the connection between Chaman and Kandahar. The MoU for this corridor and other projects bordering Pakistan was finalized in the 10th Session of the Pakistan–Afghanistan Joint Economic Commission held in Islamabad on 23 November 2015. In July 2010, Pakistan and Afghanistan had signed an MoU for the laying of rail tracks between the two countries.

ANRP Corridor 3

Afghanistan is embarking upon development in the initial phase of the Railway Ring Road and Corridor 3 provides the plan to connect the south-west-south and north-east and eastern part of Afghanistan and also enabling connection of Afghanistan to the neighbouring CIS countries, Iran, China and Pakistan. For at least the next 30–50 years there will have to be a series of large infrastructure projects.

The proposed corridor as in the CAREC Vision Document is: the Lapis Lazuli Corridor; CAREC Corridor 3 connecting Russia to the Middle East and South Asia through Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan; CAREC Corridor 5 connecting East Asia to the Arabian Sea through Central Asia; CAREC Corridor 6 connecting Europe to the Arabian Sea ports of Karachi/Gwadar and Bandar Abbas. The pre-feasibility study has been completed and resources are needed for commencing the feasibility study, and detailed design and construction (probably agreed by MCC) with a high estimated cost of $1,491 million due to the alignment and topographical features and heavily mountainous area.

ANRP Corridor 4

This corridor has strategic importance in providing an alternate route for trade between the north and central provinces of Afghanistan. The corridor will enable goods transport to avoid the Salang tunnel, which affects all north- and south-bound traffic to considerable time delays during the winter months, and even under the best of conditions. The construction of this railway corridor will not only improve connections between Kabul and Herat, but also boost economic development in the area, starting with domestic trade, and to international trade. The technical study of Corridor 4 is under progress.



No Corridor Route Main Corridor Km Regional Route Km Total Km
1 West-North-Northeast 1132 Km 838 Km 1970 Km
2 West-South-Southeast 1260 Km 571 Km 1831 Km
3 North-Southeast 590 Km 75 Km 665 Km
4 Central 574 Km   574 Km



No City No City
1 Torghundi 7 Torkham
2 Aqina 8 Khost
3 Spin Boldak 9 Baramcha
4 Hairatan 10 Zaranj
5 Wakhan 11 Sher Khan Bandar
6 Chah Sorkh    




NO City Province
1 Jalalabad Nangarhar
2 Mazar-e-Sharif Balkh
3 Herat Herat
4 Kandahar Kandahar