Regional Projects of ARA at a Glance

The ARA plan is based on different studies, desk research, literature review, round tables, conferences, and brainstorming sessions. The ANRP suggests how the different corridors and railway zones would be shaped, classified into four corridors and six railway zones, to develop over 5,000 km of railway lines, including several cross-border freight corridors, 11 dry ports and 4 Multi-Modal Hubs.

Afghanistan will serve as the backbone for the development of Regional Economic Growth and Resource Corridors in and around Afghanistan. As such, the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program, the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAREC), and the G8-supported Border Region Prosperity Initiative have all supported the development of rail in Afghanistan.

ANRP has also been identified as one of 12 Priority Investment Projects (PIPs) as part of OBOR, to rebuild vital regional trading corridors and re-establish Afghanistan as a transport and trading hub.

Firming up ANRP: Mid-Course Review Indicators
  1. To publicise the value of Afghanistan’s geographical location.
  2. To study the pre-feasibility of railway lines.
  3. To study the feasibility of railway lines.
  4. To provide economical and durable dry ports details design and construction (1396–98).
  5. To provide the easiest, fastest, shortest and cheapest railway connections possible.
  6. To provide transportation facilities for goods exchange through building Multi-Modal Hubs.