In order to Afghanization the railway affairs, a contract of technical support signed with Mansor fateh company!

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Tue, Dec 06 2022 5:58 PM
امضای قرارداد

yesterday, Monday, in witness of the leadership of administrative office of the president and the representatives of media, the railway authority signed a contract of technical support of the hairatan_ mazar railway, with Mansoor Fateh Railway and Locomotive Maintenance Company.

In conference on this occasion, After the recitation of some blessed verses of the Holy Quran the head of the administrative office of the president, Mr. shaikh Noorulhaq anwar has given his speech. He said: “according to curry out the decree number _ 64 – 647 of the prime ministers, A joint delegation of emirate authorities was appointed, now this process has succeeded with signing the contract. We appreciate the endeavors of railway authority”.

نورالحق انور

Following this ceremony, the Acting head of Afghanistan Railway Authority Mr. Mullah Bakhtur Rahman Sharafat presented general information about the Hairatan-Mazar-e-Sharif railway, he said: “the previous contract was not in the favor of the country, because we were compelled to pay 15 million US dollars, to the contractor annually, but now we will pay 4 million US dollars annually. Alongside there is the condition that the contractor should raise the capacity of Afghan engineers in two years”.

ملا بخت الرحمن شرافت

During the conference, the assistant of Mansoor Fateh Company, Mr. Bisanbai Makhanov, also spoke. He said: “The Afghanistan Railway Authority has been newly established. We are trying to train Afghan engineers with high capacity so that they can carry out all the railway affairs in next two years”.

In the other part of the conference, the contract with a monthly cost of 348,986 US dollars for 2 years, signed between the head of Afghanistan Railway Authority and the assistant of Mansour Fateh Company and Approved by the head of the administrative office of the president as a facilitator.

بیسن بای مخانوف

This contract has signed, following the promise of Afghanization of the railway affairs. By this agreement the entirely management process of the hairatan mazar e shirf railway become afghani, and the contractor provides services only in the technical part of providing locomotives and a number of technical experts.

This contract has many benefits for Afghanistan, such as being economic, increasing serveries, training afghans and providing them some opportunity of practical works, and the most important we can mention the Afghanization management of the process.

مرکز رسانه ها

Should be noted, that the contract for the transfer and maintenance of Hairatan-Mazar-e-Sharif RAILWAY was with an Uzbek company for 11 years, by steady efforts & hard work of railway authority and special support of the Islamic Emarat leadership, with coherence of other Emarati authorities, the project affairs became Afghanized. The new contracted company Will provide just locomotives and some technical expert to the ARA.

Afghanistan Railway Authority

Press Department

6 Dec 2022

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