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Sun, Jun 06 2021 10:21 AM

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Kabul- Afghanistan

Objective/Purpose of assignment:

The European Union (EU) has contributed $21 million equivalent under Grant No. 0423 (the Grant), which forms part of the Transport Network Development Investment Program (TNDIP) Tranche 4 administered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Grant became effective on 25 March 2015, and would be closed 21 September 2021. A number of work components were included under the Grant, with the Ministry of Public Works taking the overall lead. One portion of the financing amounted to almost $8.7 million to strengthen the institutional capacity building of the Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA). This component will be referred to as the ARA capacity building project (the project).

This position will aim at strengthening the capacity and performance of ARA team/assigned group in delivering the EU project components, and eventually managing capacity building of current team through this technical assistance.

Scope of work:

The Afghanistan National Railway Plan (ANRP) was developed on the basis of Afghanistan’s urgent need for a national transportation system as a precursor of economic development and political stability in the country. Expansion of Afghanistan’s national railway will ultimately allow Afghanistan to improve its trade, provide transit and complement in transportation in its first phase of railway infrastructure development. Which shall eventually export minerals and agriculture products in time to come to significantly enhance its position as a regional trading partner, improve internal lines of communication, and link products, consumers, and markets across Eurasia and beyond. In order to implement the railway infrastructure plan, the technical coordinator shall ensure that the work processes on adoption of railway technology are properly planned right from the identification of rail routes to the infrastructure development and delivery of integrated projects on railways and auxiliary services.

In order to have a better railway system, an international rolling stock specialist is required to help Afghanistan Railway Authority to review and approve all Rolling Stock and Depot Maintenance Equipment Maintenance documentation received from the OEM suppliers. Meanwhile the international rolling stock specialist would be responsible to perform routine maintenance duties to ensure that trains are in good condition and meet quality and safety standards.

Job description for International Rolling Stock Specialist

  1. The Consultant is the de factor senior officer of rolling stock, he/she is responsible for the wellbeing/growth of the team. The consultant utilizes the capacity building component to grow a team with high capability, motivation and profile, as well as with a culture of performance, integrity and transparency;
  2. To review and approve all Rolling Stock and Depot Maintenance Equipment Maintenance documentation received from the OEM suppliers; including Passenger Vehicles, OTE, train wash, wheel lathes, maintenance vehicles, lifting jacks, and other maintenance/inspection facilities.
  3. To review and approve all Rolling Stock and Depot maintenance manuals and instructions.
  4. To ensure that all modifications approved by the original design authority are reviewed by competent engineers and records of the changes stored in database.
  5. To review complex faults in the Rolling Stock and Depot equipment and to support or obtain expert support to rectify faults / defects.
  6. The Annual Asset Management Report for Rolling Stock and Depot Maintenance Equipment assets noting future CARP and potential areas of obsolescence.
  7. Works closely with Rolling Stock and Depot Maintenance Section to ensure maintenance procedures and instructions are kept up to date and are being followed by maintenance staff.
  8. Assists in developing, planning and implementing the department's overhaul and rehabilitation and replacement program.
  9. Serves as the Expert and Engineer responsible for acceptance of new Rolling Stock and Depot Maintenance Equipment.
  10. Part of the Incident / Accident Investigation team.
  11. To plan and coordinate roll stock maintenance projects with the aim of improving the security, reliability, service, condition and comfort of the facilities.
  12. To plan, coordinate and carry out projects relating to the installation of new trains and refurbishment.
  13. To assist rolling stock depots, both providing technical support and helping to implement new projects.
  14. To manage the work teams that perform maintenance on the rolling stock fleet.
  15. To ensure that the train maintenance and installation procedures and guidelines established are properly adhered to both internally and by external suppliers.
  16. To serve as the rolling stock expert when participating in technical projects led by other departments of the organization.
  17. The specialist will travel to provinces to manage and observe the rolling stock and also to conduct theoretical and practical training programs.
  18. Submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the head of operation department.
  19. Attend departmental meetings and safety meeting when scheduled.
  20. All other duties as directed by management representatives.

Skills, Experience Qualifications Required:

  • Master’s degree in railway engineering
  • Minimum 10 + years of railway rolling stock experience in CIS countries.
  • Great computer skills.
  • Good training & demonstration abilities
  • Demonstrated verbal/oral skills
  • Strong technical writing ability
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain strong client relationships
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance experience
  • Professional registration preferred

Core Competencies:

  • Leadership, Innovation, People Management, Communication and Delivery on time in the result-based framework.
  • Domain Knowledge of Railway engineering, track, infrastructure management for the transportation and railway sector, desired
  • Adherence to the values, ethics and standards that are guiding principle and strategic vision of the Organization
  • Demonstrate measurable pattern of knowledge, skills, abilities, behavior, and other characteristics that are aligned with the Vision, Mission and Goals of Afghanistan Railway Authority
  • Possess observational, analytical and issue log development for setting up standards and benchmarks
  • Ability to be multi-tasking and working under pressure – owing to the fragile situation
  • Team Work and Decision-making abilities
  • Innovative on promoting the Private Sector Development and PPP in the Railway Sector

Submission Guideline:

Interested applicants shall apply online through the link provided below. 
Applicants who don’t apply online, will not be shortlisted. 

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