Last Week; (43384) metric tons were transported by railway.

Sayed Zaher Mo…
Sat, Aug 27 2022 3:27 PM

During the last Week (from 19 to 25 august) 43384 metric tons were transported by Afghanistan Train.

Total (39338) tons of petroleum, non-petroleum and other materials are imported into the country. Out of it,

(22736) tons imported from Haritaan Railway, (5682) tons from Aqeena Railway and (10920) tons from Turghondai Railway.

Also, a total of (4046) tons were exported to other countries by railway. Which the large amount of it was Raisines and Dried fruit.

Afghanistan Railway Authority is trying to provide favorable conditions for more transfers and provide necessary facilities to traders.

Press Department, ARA


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Tue, Dec 06 2022 5:58 PM
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