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Mon, Jan 18 2021 10:50 AM

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Kabul, Afghanistan

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Duty Station: ARA/EU Project, Kabul

Gender: Any

Objective/Purpose of the Assignment:

Railways are a vital mode of transportation to facilitate domestic and regional connectivity and can also significantly contribute to economic growth and help promote a market-led economic environment that fosters private sector participation. After decades of conflict which has severely damaged Afghanistan’s transport infrastructure, Afghanistan has an urgent need for an upgraded national transportation system as a precursor to economic development and to support political stability in the country. The expansion of Afghani¬stan's current national railway system will ultimately allow Afghanistan to export minerals and agricultural products and will significantly enhance its position as a regional trading partner by linking it to products, consumers and markets across Eurasia and beyond, as well im¬proving internal lines of communication within the country. A successful development and operation of Afghanistan railways bears a tremendous opportunity to create new and support existing prospects for the economic growth not just for the country but also for the neighboring countries from the central and south Asia.

One portion of the financing supports to strengthen the institutional capacity building of the Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA). This component will be referred to as the ARA capacity building project (the project).

This position will aim at strengthening the capacity and performance of ARA team/assigned group in delivering the EU project components, and eventually managing capacity building of current design and projecting team through this technical assistance.

Scope of Work:

Lead and coordinate the planning and development of ADB's social safeguards policies on the

involuntary resettlement and/or Indigenous Peoples. Lead and provide operational coordination and

specific inputs to ADB projects to ensure compliance with safeguards policies during project preparation and implementation. Contribute to the evaluation, improvement and dissemination of ADB’s safeguards policies. Support ADB’s goal of poverty reduction and sustainable development and provide assistance as needed for applying safeguards knowledge to the development of tasks. Work within general policies, principles and goals, working directly with clients.

Detailed Tasks:

•           Work with other Department’s social safeguards team to ensure that appropriate resources and

capacity is deployed to effectively cover the safeguards policies of projects in preparation and

implementation within the ARA.

•           Lead, identify, assess, and monitor overall capacity building needs on environmental safeguards

within the department, including divisions and resident missions, and among clients.

•           Lead, develop and administer as needed technical assistance (TA) and other training programs

for capacity building.

•           Lead and work with safeguards team to develop projects or programs with a specific safeguard


•           Lead in providing safeguard training to ARA staff, and prepare and administer relevant capacity development programs.

•           Contribute significantly to activities for advocacy, dissemination and knowledge building relating

to ADB’s safeguard policies.

•           Attend departmental meetings related to social safeguard when scheduled.

•           All other duties as directed by management representatives.


•           Regularly shares knowledge on new international best practice trends in comparator situations

•           Convinces others to adopt international best practice by explaining the situational relevance and Benefits.

•           Helps colleagues work effectively with clients in different contexts and from diverse backgrounds and country situations.

•           Adapts own approach and style when interacting with clients, as opposed to requiring them to Adapt.

•           Draws upon international best practice in exploring solutions with clients.

•           Confirms the clients’ understanding and agreement before progressing.

•           Draws on own and others’ multi-country experience to identify viable courses of action when conducting analyses.

•           Helps internal and external clients achieve quality results beyond presenting problems and Precedent.

•           Regularly contributes insights and experiences to colleagues in the Division to help them achieve quality results.

•           Overcomes unexpected difficulties and challenges to produce desired outcomes.

•           Maintains collaborative relationships within the Department.

•           Works effectively with diverse colleagues in own and other Divisions and departments.

•           Follows through on team priorities in the absence of a team leader.

•           Consistently seeks and addresses feedback on own performance.

Output/Reporting Requirements:

Under guidance, and management by the specialist, the team will be trained and motivated for doing the tasks on time, effectively and full compliance with ADB/ARA policy and procedures and to build capacity of ARA national staff. The candidate will report to Deputy ARA Finance/Admin & Project Manager. 

Minimum Qualifications Requirements

•           Master's Degree, or equivalent, in Anthropology, Sociology, Applied Social Science, or other related fields.

•           At least 10 years of relevant professional experience in social safeguards work, or related area and in project administration.

•           Analytical ability practical problem-solving skills and resourcefulness in performing varied tasks in the area.

•           Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level.

•           Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.

•           Ability to travel as required to job sites.

•           Competent with software applications including Acrobat Professional, MS Excel & MS Word.

•           Comfortable with interacting with the client in a group setting and individually.

•           Punctual, reliable and with a strong attention to detail.

•           Strong written and verbal communication skills.

•           Fluency in computer usage.

Submission Guideline:

Interested applicants shall apply online through the link provided below. 

Applicants who don’t apply online, will not be shortlisted.

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